Additional services

We arrange interiors using the most functional and creative solutions! We adapt to the individual needs and requirements of the client, therefore, depending on the expectations and purpose of a given room, it can be: modern, classic or minimalist. What is important? The most important goal of RETS is to provide customers with the highest quality services based on the latest solutions! In our work, we also use ecological products, thanks to which we contribute to the protection of the natural environment. This solution guarantees our clients full satisfaction with the services offered by our company.

Why is it worth to concentrate on professional technical service of the building?

  • Comfort of use
  • A positive image of the property’s owner
  • Time saving
  • Reduction of employment
  • Finding savings

Maintenance of installations and devices

Both periodic inspections and regular service activities ensure appropriate operating conditions for electrical, sanitary and air-conditioning installations. As part of comprehensive real estate technical maintenance services, we offer maintenance of all types of installations included in the serviced building. What’s more? Thanks to the maintenance of the installation, you can be sure that the individual elements of the building are kept in constant working order!

Maintenance of installations and equipment for the service in the scope of:

  • Ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Fire alarm and audible warning systems
  • Electrical and low-voltage installations
  • Automation and control
  • Fire protection installations

Periodic overview of systems

What is worth remembering? The fact that the inspection of the technical condition of the building should be carried out systematically by a team of experienced and qualified experts! Are you wondering what is included in the scope of the building inspection? It is an overview of sanitary, electrical, ventilation and heating boilers. If you choose RETS, you can be sure about regular performing of professional and comprehensive periodic inspections of the systems!

Periodic inspections performed include:

  • Technical inspection of the structure of the facility, tightness and drainage system of the facility
  • Inspection of the sanitary installation
  • Checking the safety and condition of ventilation and air conditioning
  • Overview of buildings for the safety of the heating system
  • Checking gas installations and chimney pipes

RETS Energy

We offer our clients the possibility of financing investments aimed at increasing energy efficiency. The scope of energy efficiency services includes, i.a, assessing correctness of the building management in terms of operation, measuring efficiency of the use of utilities – in particular, reduction of building maintenance costs, as well as proposals for the implementation of processes related to energy optimization. It is worth adding that the key activity in increasing the energy efficiency of the building is thermal insulation, i.e. a series of activities aimed at reducing the heat demand for heating the building and providing domestic hot water.

Energy efficiency may be increased by:

  • Thermal insulation works, insulation of walls and ceilings
  • Modernization of heating systems
  • Replacing or repairing windows and doors
  • Application of innovative systems that allow the use of renewable energy sources
  • Works related to the modernization of the electrical installation, aimed at reducing electricity consumption

Shell&Core and Fit Out

Our team of engineers consists of people with extensive professional experience and the highest qualifications, which is why we are prepared to implement and service the most demanding projects. We have excellent human and financial capital management skills and we prove knowledge of the construction market. We are oriented in understanding the client’s needs and xpectations. Not only that, we are the initiators of optimization and preventive activities. By serving our knowledge, we become managers also in the field of solving all problems that may occur during the performance of contracts.

Comprehensive design service of the investment

  • preparing the concepts of arrangement
  • preparing GNP projects
  • handling GNP investments
  • preparation executive projects of multi-discipline

Shell and Core

  • dismantling works
  • construction works
  • adaptation of SAP and DSO installations
  • adaptation of fire protection installations.
  • Waste Disposal (BDO)

Finishing works

  • Construction works
  • Electrical and low-current installations
  • Sanitary installations: water and sewage, HVAC

Technical Facility Management

A team of experienced RETS specialists has created an innovative and uniform management system that enables regular monitoring of the general condition of the facility. Thanks to this application, it is possible to remove sudden and unexpected faults or failures as part of a professional and comprehensive technical service. Are you wondering what our experts do? Our company’s specialists perform a neat review of the facility’s infrastructure through effective planning of conservation and modernization works. The knowledge of qualified employees is a guarantee of your property’s security, full professionalism and the highest quality services!

Technical Facility Management includes:

  • Regular conservatory works of all the installations and overview of the object’s infrastructure
  • 24/7 supervisory of the building’s conservator
  • Periodic modernization works
  • Removal of failures and faults together with inspection of the technical condition of the building
  • Preparation of renovation plans and supervision over the technical documentation