Technical Facility Management

A team of experienced RETS specialists has created an innovative and uniform management system that enables regular monitoring of the general condition of the facility. Thanks to this application, it is possible to remove sudden and unexpected faults or failures as part of a professional and comprehensive technical service. Are you wondering what our experts do? Our company’s specialists perform a neat review of the facility’s infrastructure through effective planning of conservation and modernization works. The knowledge of qualified employees is a guarantee of your property’s security, full professionalism and the highest quality services!

Technical Facility Management includes:

  • Regular conservatory works of all the installations and overview of the object’s infrastructure
  • 24/7 supervisory of the building’s conservator
  • Periodic modernization works
  • Removal of failures and faults together with inspection of the technical condition of the building
  • Preparation of renovation plans and supervision over the technical documentation

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