Shell&Core and Fit Out

Our team of engineers consists of people with extensive professional experience and the highest qualifications, which is why we are prepared to implement and service the most demanding projects. We have excellent human and financial capital management skills and we prove knowledge of the construction market. We are oriented in understanding the client’s needs and xpectations. Not only that, we are the initiators of optimization and preventive activities. By serving our knowledge, we become managers also in the field of solving all problems that may occur during the performance of contracts.

Comprehensive design service of the investment

  • preparing the concepts of arrangement
  • preparing GNP projects
  • handling GNP investments
  • preparation executive projects of multi-discipline

Shell and Core

  • dismantling works
  • construction works
  • adaptation of SAP and DSO installations
  • adaptation of fire protection installations.
  • Waste Disposal (BDO)

Finishing works

  • Construction works
  • Electrical and low-current installations
  • Sanitary installations: water and sewage, HVAC

Remaining offer